Having worked for many years in the finance and auditing sector, I understand how to ensure the confidentiality and protection of information.

Information protection

In order to help protect your information from access by unauthorized persons, I use leading virus protection software, encryption software (key size 256-bits) and I also have a fireproof safe for document storage.

My information protection measures meet the requirements of § 404 in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

Before submitting your sensitive documents, please contact me for more information on how this can be done in a secure manner.

Professional secrecy

As an Authorized Public Translator, I am bound by my obligation of professional secrecy in the same manner as doctors, attorneys, and similar professionals. In addition, I am willing to sign a separate confidentiality agreement if so desired by my clients.

Upon request, I am willing to provide my clients with additional information about my security routines, or allow them to perform an audit.